Our hunting farm practices professional organization of hunting tours on the territory of Mary El’s Republic.

According to all questions you can apply to the manager Lyudmila, tel +7 (8352) 36-39-35, +7 967 470-39-35

We are glad to offer you the following types of hunting:
Animal hunting::
Moose – foiling, with roar, from approach;
Boar – foiling, blind hunting;
Bear – foiling, blind hunting;
Spotted deer- foiling, blind hunting;
As well as lynx, raccoon dog, hare, marten and squirrel.
Feather hunting: duck, cock-duck with call-bird, hazel-grouse, wood grouse, black-cock, woodcock, hunting pheasant.

The price of the tour consists of the following points: The cost of the License and organizational wastes (100% prepaying). Payment of the License is done after getting the trophy.

Organizational wastes include:

  • Accommodation;
  • Meal (breakfast, packed lunch for a day, hot dinner on the farm)
  • Professional hunter service;
  • First processing of the trophy;
  • Gathering of wounded bird with the dog;
  • Accommodation and feeding of visiting dogs;
  • Ground provision for fire adjustment;

The cost of organizational wastes for the season winter 2012-2013 is 5200 rubles, as a gift to hunters Russian bath. The cost of organizational wastes (without accommodation) - 3700 rubles. Egersky service with transportation to a place of hunting of 1000 rubles from the person.

About existence of licenses, their costs and date of hunting we ask to specify by phone +7 (8352) 62-06-10.

Type of hunting Cost of the license in rubles Approximate terms of hunting
- forepaw up to 12 cm
- forepaw +1 cm
+ 10000
From August till February
- until 1 year old
- full-mouthed until 2 years old
- full-mouthed more than 4 years old
- full-mouthed more than 4 tines
From September till December
- until 1 year old
- full-mouthed until 60 kg
- full-mouthed until 100 kg
- full-mouthed until 150 kg
- more than 150 kg
- more than 200 kg
From August until February
Spotted deer, full-mouthed, mail 50000 From August till February
Wild fowl 1000 (1 person/1 day) Depending on terms of spring coming
Pheasant (Chinese, Romanian) 1500 From October

Hunting farm owns wonderful base for rest “Puchina” that is situated on the bank of the pure lake. In this picturesque place not only hunters can have a rest but their families as well. There is a four room house (2 rooms: living room and bedroom, toilet, shower, fridge), there’s a kitchen for self-cooking. There’s a farm to provide our quests with products (milk, cream, butter, homemade cheese, curd, eggs, meat – mutton, fresh vegetables, greens in summer and homemade preserves as well).