Lake Kuznechiha is located in Zvenigovskiy Region of Mary El’s Republic. It is three kilometers from village Kokshamary 56°11’42.06’’NL and 47°25’42’’ EL at an altitude of 58m above sea level. It is possible to reach this forestry using the federal road P-176 "Vyatka".

In Mary El’s language the old name of the lake sounds like Purzh’er that means "Slump Lake".

Old people say that there was a village (in 18th century) where blacksmiths and potters lived. There were deposits of loam not far from that place. People were practiced pottery industry. There was a water mill not far from the lake on the creek to the Bol’shaya Kokshaga. Its remains were saved until the second half of the XX century. There were excursions for pupils in 1950s.

Lake Kuznechiha is of the karstic origin. There is a legend about one of the citizens of the village. He married to one of his sisters and God punished the entire village. At the day of their wedding the village slumped. There appeared a lake with area of 9 ha. The surface of the lake has wrong oval shape 400 to 200 meters. The depth of the lake reaches 6 meters. It is connected with river Bol’shaya Kokshaga that feeds the lake with water.

A. Ritter wrote about Mary El’s legend in his novel "Quiet Lake" in 1928.

"Quiet lake or Kuznechiha is situated in primeval forest, 4 versts from village Kokshamary, Zvenigovskiy Region of Mariy El’s Autonomus Republic and has the oval shape."

Once people created an interesting legend connected with the lake. Now the details of the legend are forgotten unfortunately. Author had to reconstruct while studying life and peculiarities of people in this district.

This legend saved in oral tradition in the following text:
"in the forest on a hill there was a village where brother married his sister. During the feast the hill with festive people and the village slumped. There appeared a lake. It got name "Tihoye" or "Kuznechiha".

Local people assure that till the present days in deep night people can hear the cock singing, crying and noise of wedding festival, but not everyone can hear it.