"The whale" of merchant Prokopiy Efremovch Efremov did a lot of business. He was the largest forest manufacturer of the Volga Region.

Prokopiy Efremovich differed from his competitors, most of Russian merchants and civil servants.

Moreover, the Efremovs came up to the leaders. They were one of ten according to authorized capital among hundreds of trade houses in Russia. But they didn’t hurry to cut their origins. Otherwise, in difficult times they had a support of their relatives. They served their brothers-merchants with enthusiasm.

Family house of the Efremovs was built by P.E. Efremov in 1884. Later it vested to his son Sergei who was also a merchant. Now there is a museum of national cuisine – restaurant "Ehrem Husсha".

True items of life and building materials of XIX century that were found during the renovation of the building are used in the interior of the restaurant. Atmosphere of the restaurant makes you feel rested in a friendly company.

There are two halls: general and with a hall with a fireplace. Hall with a fireplace is designed in a hunting style and admits 10 people.

Main idea of the restaurant is National Chuvash Cuisine in modern service (with usage of local products and cooking technologies used in Chuvash Republic).

We use authorial cuisine that was presented to us by an outstanding cook and friend Kashevoy Anatoliy Aleksandrovich. (Perm’ – city)

Museum of national cuisine and restaurant “Ehrem Huscha” is located in Chuvash Republic, Cheboksary-city, Efremov Blvd. 10. You can contact us by tel. (8352) 62-73-79.