We offer fishing from wooden platform and with boat for carp, wild carp and silver carp. We offer fishing for pike, perch and crucian carp as well.

Price for fishing from wooden platform is 500 rubles for 24 hours. Maximum capacity for 1 platform is limited (2 people) Fish less than 1 kg are to be set free. Fish that is more than 1 kg are to be bought out for the price of the market. This provision doesn’t refer to perch.

Responsible for fishing: +7 967 470-39-35

Fishing is organized on Lake Kuznechikha. It is situated in Zvenigovskiy Region in Mary El’s Republic, 3 km from the villiage Kokshamary 56°11’42.06’’NL and 47°25’42’’ EL at an altitude of 58m above sea level. It is 115 square meters of Krasnoyarskiy forestry. It is possible to reach this forestry using the federal road P-176 "Vyatka". Lake Kuznechiha is situated on the left bank of the river Bol’shaya Kokshaga (app. 3,5 km to the east from the river).

There’s a Track Novocheboksarsk (500 m to the south) near the lake.

This lake had the name Purzhyer earlier and there was a village Kuznechikha of the Zakokshaiskaya District on its bank. So the lake was renamed. Kuznechiha got its name because of the smithy that was in the village. Blacksmiths served the horsed transport which was passing the Kokshaiskiy tract.

The lake is of the sinkhole origin and has oval form. Its length is 400m and its width 200m.

Maximum depth is 6 m, transparency of the water – 2m.

There’s a pine wood with birches and alders.

There’s a former cordon Puchina in half a kilometer from the lake.

Photos of fishing on the lake.

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